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If 98Wh not fully charged with any chargers

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If our 98Wh can not be fully charged, please refer to below explanation.

First of all, Battery pack receives the current as much as the charger gives. 
If not charged fully, the charger will stop supplying the current as below. 

1. To fully charge li-ion battery, you need 16.8V, but if some chargers use only 16.4V it will charge only 90%, but life time will be longer double times. Please check if your customer used this charging voltage or not. Please refer to file as attached, 'charging voltage' from book name : BATTERIES IN A PORTABLE WORLD. 
4.2V x 4 = 16.8V    4.1V x 4 = 16.4V

2. or almost batteries have only 4 or 5 capacity gauge LEDs, so although it is charged only 90%, it looks fully charged. 
But ours has 10 steps, so it shows more details. 
If you check the capacity comparing ours 90% and other packs fully charged, ours will have more capacity actually. Please refer to picture, 'Other battery's LED meter'. 

3. or Our battery cell has a better feature, good enough to receive more charging current according to its spec. sheet from SAMSUNG. 
Please refer to it, up to 68mA x 2 parallel = 136mA 
Our battery pack can receive the charge current, until it is reduced down to 136mA, but we cut the current, until it is reduced down to 200mA, earlier for longer life time. 
So you don't need to cut the charge current with our battery pack earlier for longer life time. But some chargers look cutting charge current earlier than our charger, but our battery packs will be charged similar or more capacity than other ones if you test them actually. Because its cutting current is same for both other battery packs and ours. 
Our 195Wh has 4 parallel, so 100mA x 4 = 400mA  if its charge current is reduced down to 400mA, it senses fully charged. 
Our 290Wh has 6 parallel, so 100mA x 6 = 600mA , if down to 600mA, fully charged. 
Some chargers may cut the charge current around 300mA. so 195Wh and 290Wh has no problem. 

4. If you unplug the charger, the voltage of battery pack will become lower,  then you can charge some more. It is just li-ion cell's characteristic. 

If any question, please let me know, any questions welcome.

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