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Red LED light on battery pack

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Please note, Red light turns on when it is as below.

* When you discharge by over 12A ( 15A or 22A) through main terminal and over 7A (12A) through D-tap and over 2.3A through USB, its power is cut, (but RED LED does not turn on in case of USB)
12A : 144W    (min. at 12V )
15A : 180W    (min. at 12V )
22A : 264W    (min. at 12V )

* When you discharge the batteries under 12V.

* When you charge over 6A for all batteries, and over 3.5A for 98Wh. 

   ** Then if you push and hold gauge button over 5 seconds, its all 5 LEDs will flicker and it is reset and working.

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