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Self-discharge is very important to notice !!

All the batteries are self-discharging.
If the voltage of battery becomes below 8V, it will totally die, never alive again. So as soon as you finish using the battery, you should charge it again.

If you discharge the batteries fully, and leave it for about some weeks, it won't be charged and will die totally soon.

We made sleep mode to minimize the self-discharging to keep the batteries longer time than usual.

If 90% of batteries is charged, 98Wh will last over 1 year, 195 and 290Wh will last over 2 years.

but the problem when you use them fully and leave. 

If fully discharged, 98Wh will last only 2 months, 195 and 290Wh will last 6 months by our sleep mode technology since July 2019. 

GEN staff 

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