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Major faulty reasons of batteries

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When we experienced battery market, we found that the major problems with batteries are from below three reasons, 

Shock ( Drop ) : about 50% of faulty reasons

Short : about 20% 

Burnt : about 20%

So we made these three kinds of proofs









We have US Military standard certificate the first and only in the world. 

If you see this video, everything will be explained. 

And if you see the this presentation attached, it will explain how we make it like this. 


When your customers make cabling or use poor Chinese connectors which are sometimes short inside, it will make battery burnt, or it will make current of battery rise so high, and it will damage the equipment. They can be so expensive ARRI cameras or other cameras...

So we make this short-proof function, when it is short, micro computer inside the battery cuts the power faster than it rises. So it will protect the equipment from being damaged or make it less damaged. 


Low impedance is important to use high power LED lighting or high power 

cameras like ALEXA or cameras + many accessories. 

When you use these high power equipment, if there is high impedance ( resistance ) inside batteries, the temperature inside battery will rise higher and higher. It will damage the cells and reduce the life of batteries. 

Sometimes it will make terminals of batteries melt down or inside of batteries distorted, of course it will make life short or even make the batteries burnt or exploded. So the lower the temperature, impedance inside, the better. 

No. 3 is the most important for batteries, it is related with performance. 

No. 1 and 2 is related with safety and protection. 

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