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How to choose the proper V mount batteries !! - English

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We have received a lot of questions about ‘how to choose the proper V mount batteries’, so we wrote down below tips, please refer to it when you do sales.
You can go through these steps to answer ‘ how to choose the proper v mount batteries ??’

1. First you need to calculate total max. W ( Watt) of all equipment you are using. Its total max. W should be lower than Min. W of batteries as below. 


2. After checking it, you can choose the capacity of batteries according to running time and weight.  

W = A x V ( 12V is the lowest voltage of V mount battery, so you should use 12V to get the min. power of V mount batteries. If you know only A current, then you can get the min. W of V mount batteries. (So GEN writes down only A current, not voltage, as it is 12V.)

12A x 12V = min. 144W (A written on labels, if no A written, it is 12A)
15A x 12V = min. 180W
22A x 12V = min. 264W
26A x 12V = min. 312W



As you calculate the min. power of batteries, you can use all the equipment such as cameras, lightings.. under this min. W.


Now you can choose only the capacity according to running time and weight you want.

390Wh : You don’t mind of its weight but want to use for the longest time.
290Wh : If you want to use all day.
195Wh : If you use it for proper time and want proper weight.
160Wh : If you need to take airplane sometimes.


If above is too complicated, just follow below.

First choose 15A (This current is the max. A by normal V mount batteries.)


1. If you use full setting of cameras and lightings also : 


▶ 290Wh : G-B100/290W 15A
2. If you use simple setting of cameras and no lightings : 


▶ 195Wh : G-B100/195W 15A
3. If you need to take airplanes sometimes : 


▶ 160Wh: G-B100/160W 15A 


4. If you use lightings upto 48V 500W : 


▶ 22A x 2 + G-PB48 M2
5. If you use lightings upto 48V 650W : 


▶ 26A x 2 + G-PB48 M2

That’s all  ^^


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