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How to prolong the life of Lithium-ion battery

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1. Charge

    1) The slower charging time is, the longer its life time is

   2) Charge up to 80% or 90 %

                      20%~ 80 % using range is called ' Sweet Zone'

   3) Partial and random charge is good, lower current preferred.

2. Discharge

   1) Prevent full discharge. 20% 30% left is good for life time.

  2) Worst case is to discharge fully and leave at high temperature, over 40 or 50 degree C.

  3) If you discharge the battery fully and leave it for some days, although its RED LED remains on, it won't be able to be charged again, and it will be totally died. It is             the worst case.

3. Temperature

   1) Cool temperature is good, 10-30 degree C

4. Fast charging and high load discharging are not good for life.

5. Storage

     Store the battery at 40~50 % charged in cool place.

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