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(Patent pending ) Patent apply no. : 10-2019-0013676 ( Feb. 1, 2019 ) 

SHOCK & SHORT PROOF feature has made our batteries complete.  

Finally we made the V mount batteries complete with short-proof function, in addition to shock-proof function.

'Short-circuit' is the main reason of fault.

As we can prevent the batteries from being out of order by short-circuit, we will be able to reduce the faulty rate by over 50%, we think.
So we made the batteries short-proof.

It is the world's first and patent pending !!
Please refer to moving picture as attached.

Short-proof is working as below.
1. Micro computer inside detects the going-up current very very quickly. As very soon as current becomes over 17A, Micro computer detects the current and cuts the power sooner than high current damages the fuse inside.
So its fuse is not damaged and it will work again if you re-set it.
2. Don't worry, if Micro computer inside is out of order, its fuse will be cut, so we have two protections to prevent batteries from being damaged by high current and not to make fire. One is by electronically and the other by hardware, fuse.