Spot lightings by LEDs

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These days LED lightings are getting popular very fast and even spot lighting is replaced by LEDs. 
So in the past it was not possible to use batteries for spot lightings, but now it is getting popular to use batteries for LED spot lightings. 

Although they are LEDs, sport lightings or RGBW panels are 200W or 400W something. 
To use these 200W or 400W by batteries, batteries should be able to work under very high current and high temperature, so we should lower the resistance inside batteries to make them resist high current consumption. 
So we did three things to make our batteries work properly with high current consuming. 
1. We are using only Japanese Nickel to lower the resistance. 
( picture : Japanese nickel plate) 
2. We have no wires between Cells and main output terminals. 
( picture :  main terminal ) 
3. We designed PCB pattern and output terminal to resist even 20A and use only 12A or 15A. 

You can refer to attached picture of temperature test ( picture : Temperature test ) when we use 300W sport lighting, ours is working under lower temperature. 

If you need pictures of above, please contact me. 
I will give you the files to be printed. 
The files are too big to be attached here.